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Hot tests in the Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant have started

Hot tests in the Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant have started

On Wednesday, systems at the Vilnius CHP (Vilnius CHP) started the commissioning. The tests evaluate readiness of equipment  for heat and electricity production .

Hot tests verify all operationally significant regimes of equipment and systems which monitor performance indicators. As planned, biofuel unit will start operation in heating season of 2023-2024 and significantly contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel used in Vilnius central heating network..

“I am delighted that our team and contractors have managed to start hot tests on first quarter. Despite this is one of the final project stages, a lot of intensive work still awaits. Throughout these tests, we will be monitoring biofuel plant operations, biofuel preparation and transportation systems as well as the joint plant (waste and biofuel) balancing systems. If necessary, we will stop testing and conduct requisite tuning works for the equipment. During these hot tests  biofuel plant will be integrated into Vilnius centralized heating networks and Lithuania’s electricity grid. This is a common process in similar plants which may last for half a year or longer for the sake of ensuring stable heat and electricity production at optimal power”, - says the Vilnius CHP CEO Mantas Burokas.

One thing to note is that the Vilnius CHP will not operate at full power throughout testing and generated heat levels will fluctuate depending on operational settings, heating demand in Vilnius, equipment stability and risk of defect.

The Vilnius CHP started the cold testing phase in November 2022. The aim of this stage is to prepare of the equipment for the proper operation before the fuel is loaded. Together with aforementioned, other important systems  such as the pipelines for drinking and extinguishing, air purification and conditioning were tested.

Vilnius CHP is in operation since 2021, the plant is generating energy from waste . The plant incinerates approximately 160 thousand tonnes of communal waste yearly. The consumption of biomass in the upcoming biomass unit is estimated to be 500 thousand tonnes .

Vilnius CHP will become one of the most modern combined heat and power plant in  Europe. It is planned that after the project is finalized, the electric power of the plant will be approximately 93 MW, whereas heating power 239 MW.

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